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Re-News Weekly: July 23

It's sunny and bright, no rain in sight--

So put on your sunglasses and let's roll!

Lifestyle: Our weekly video takes you out with the ReTwist-T Team as we travel about. This week there is so much to be seen, from books and treasures to vintage sewing machines!

T-Team Feature: Angelica. More on Facebook or the website About page. Basically, she's an artist with a mission to portray introspective vision!

Self-care Tip: Bring on the calm and creativity...the craft room awaits! Begin with our Bailiwick Creations scent of the week, Love Spell (inspired by Victoria's Secret Love Spell fragrance)! This is a lush and sweet fragrance, with a citrus blend featuring hints of berry, lavender and green stems for freshness. Now that your space smells amazing, gather your supplies and wash your hands with a little Eucalyptus soap by Badger Valley. Why? Well, Eucalyptus is known to be an effective agent against sluggishness and exhaustion. Time to get crafty!

"You are beautiful;

But learn to work, for you cannot eat your beauty!"

~African Proverb

"More in the Store" highlights:

  • New Beauty and the Beast inspired vanity from R&D Designs! They've gone warm and elegant with this graceful, golden piece. Be sure to stop by the store to see!

  • Fresh from the studio, little hand-painted chairs designed by Angelica of Ancient Doors in collaboration with Denise of Galloway Gallery. They are adorable! Available in a variety of colors and designs: Rabbit, Fox, Raccoon, and Duckling.

  • Wanting to start a Book Club or simply love literary finds? We have a collection available fresh from our Twist-T Travels! Prefer shopping online? Stay tuned - they'll be uploaded and available soon!

Hours: Our doors are open each week Wednesday thru Saturday, but we are open all the time online. Shopping by appointment is still available, check out our website for days and times.

See you soon!

~ The ReTwist-T Team

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