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Re-News Weekly: July 9

Sunny summer greetings! Here we are in the middle of another fun week and we have so many new things to share we can barely speak!

Lifestyle: Our weekly video takes you out with the ReTwist-T Team as we travel about. This week our journey in't so far out of reach - we invite you to join as for a party on the beach!

T-Team Feature: Francie. More on Facebook or the website About page. Basically, she's a representational painter inspired by art history!

Self-care Tip: Everyone needs a rejuvenating moment once in awhile so this week our favorite mood-maker is lemon. Did you know lemongrass is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal? Our Lemongrass soap, handmade by Badger Valley, features these properties as well as improving skin tone and relieving stress. If aroma is more your sway we have a sweet and sultry Lemon Verbena candle by Bailiwick. It is guaranteed to sooth you with notes of bright citrus oils, lemon and orange. Complete the aesthetic with a pillow, flowers and a good book!

"Even the mightiest eagle comes down

to the tree tops to rest" ~African Proverb

"More in the Store" highlights:

  • New journals from ScrapCat! She's gone playful, fun, and adventurous with new 'Film Flip Page' Art Journals. Available in store and online!

  • Upcycled Breezy Bells brought to you by Pieces From The Past: These wind chimes are a tone-ascious blend of cookie cutters, ladles, and muffin tins!

  • Loving that country style this summer? More of your favorite hand painted barn quilts are in! We have a variety of hues from yellow and white to sage, clay, and blues.

Hours: Our doors are open each week Wednesday thru Saturday, but we are open all the time online. Shopping by appointment is still available, check out our website for days and times.

See you soon!

~ The ReTwist-T Team


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