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Re-News Weekly: June 11

Hello courageous crafters! What's new at ReTwist-T? You're in the right place - let's go see!

"More in the Store" highlights:

  • If you didn't play outside last weekend, you have another chance coming up! New this week are upcycled chimes from Pieces From The Past! This chimes are amazing and fashioned from everything! Seeing is believing....that you really need a little more sparkly music in your life!

  • Paintings, paintings, paintings! We have barn quilt paintings in a variety of colors and designs from flowers and stars to red & white stripes! Also fresh off the painting press are new baby animals to join our farmyard: Cuddly Crea, Little Ed, and Chicklette!

  • Father's Day is coming up fast and we have some gift items sure to bring a smile or a laugh. Need some ideas? How about a helmet planter or shot glasses with cherries on top? Taking it easy more his thing, we have a set of Popular Mechanics or vin-tique Vinyl. Better yet, a handcrafted tractor complete with spreader or a painting of a barn.

T-Team Feature: Linda. If you missed Linda's story take a look on Facebook or the website About page. Basically she's a paper craft queen of unique greeting cards and unique journals for writing and sketching your art!

Self-care Tip: Positive thinking. Life is full of experiences, lessons, heartbreak and pain. But, it has also shown me love, beauty, possibility and new beginnings. Embrace it all. It makes us who we are! (from

New hours beginning this week! We are open Wednesday and Thursday from 10am-4pm, Friday from 2pm-8pm, and Saturday 10am-3pm. Shopping by appointment is available as well. Check out our website for days and times.

See you soon!

~ The ReTwist-T Team


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