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ReTwist-T July News

Quilt Square Paintings by Galloway Gallery.


In Store - And More

Summer Vacations are so rejuvenating during this lovely warm weather! Our ReTwist-T Team Time often takes the form of a Sunday afternoon drive or browsing an art show for a couple of hours. What are your favorite vacation activities? This month we are inspired by summer foods, such as fresh fruit, BBQ, veggie pizza, and AH! The wonders of the Farmers Markets!!! I mean, it's no wonder, since July is National Picnic Month AND National Ice Cream Month! Sounds like it's time to get out and enjoy some of that Live Music with a side of sweet snacks and fun friends!

"Summer: When the days get longer, the stars shine brighter, the water gets warmer, the music gets louder and life gets better."

— Unknown.

On the Calendar:

Facebook LIVE Events

  • ReHarmonized LIVE - No LIVE-Happy 4th!

  • ReTwisted LIVE - Thursday, July 11

  • ReStyled LIVE - Thursday, July 18

  • ReDesigned LIVE - Thursday, July 25

All Around Town

Meyer Oak Grove Market

Saturdays 8:30am to 12:00 noon at Meyer Oak Grove Park in Sauk City.


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