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Skin...The only thing between you and the world!

Stock photo: Beach Umbrellas

Today is Sunscreen Protection Day and we are here to chat about how to celebrate summertime fun in the sun, responsibly!

For thousands of years, people used olive oil and extracts from rice, jasmine and lupine plants to protect themselves from the harmful rays of the sun. Finally, in 1938, "Glacier Cream" was created by an Austrian chemist as the first sunscreen product. It had a whopping SPF of 2! This was hardly up to today's standards. Dermatologists now recommend an SPF of at least order to block up to 97% of the suns UV rays.

Here's a little fact finder about sunscreen:

  • Myth: You don't have to wear sunscreen when it's cloudy.

  • Fact: The hard evidence shows that clouds block as little as 20% of UV rays...which isn't much more than that Austrian Glacier Cream! So, wear sunscreen...and maybe even a cute little hat and lip balm with SPF...every day!

Remember, nothing looks better in your 50's than sunscreen in your 20's!

But...if you do happen to forget the sunscreen, some skin soothing spray or aloe vera gel is lovely, and your skin will appreciate your special attention, too!

There are so many fun things to do out in the sunshine, like play at the lake! In our beautiful area we are just a stone's throw away from the Wisconsin River and beautiful Lake Wisconsin. Did you know Lake Wisconsin was formed in 1911 with the construction of the Prairie du Sac dam? The dam was completed in 1914 creating a new and enjoyable water-side play space for visitors and residents of the area ever since. Canoeing, kayaking, tubing, fishing, camping on the island, sitting on the beach to watch the sunset, and of course spying the eagles and pelicans...are just a few of the super exciting things to do at the Lake!

If you happen to run low on sunscreen and can't play outside at the moment you can at least imagine you are! We recommend bringing the outdoors in with chimes, planters, pillows, or even fine art with a boating theme!

Speaking of sail boats...let's take a trip in the way back machine and talk about how sailors used the stars to navigate and track their progress across the open waves. Stars move across the sky from East to West. Sailors were able to stay on the right path by watching the movement of the stars. Even if you aren't the best at sailing or navigating the starry skies you can bring a maritime feel to your space with star-studded embellishments. It's just as pretty, and no life jacket needed!

Ok, let's hoist anchor and set sail with a bit of 'Live By' advice from the lake:

Cast away troubles, keep things clear, don't be shallow, jump in and get wet, make a ripple wherever you go, dream, be real, and reflect on life!

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