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Snail Mail For Sale

My adorable, and slightly sassy, grandmother was the queen of snail mail! Throughout my younger years she never missed an opportunity to send a birthday card. Sometimes (if she forgot she already went to the mailbox) she would send two for good measure! Later, when I went to college, she was faithful in sending long letters written in her slanted penmanship sure to include details of the most recent weather report, church activities, and interesting tidbits about the lives of the people she held dear. Homemade cookies were often included in those college letter boxes, crumbling but still deliciously packed with chocolate chips! When I became an adult her letters continued to include the time and temperature (even though she moved to within a block of my house), and expanded to include wise tips and tricks to reign in my ever rambunctious offspring. I recall, though, on one special occasion, the discovery of the treasure contained within the folds of those fragile posts of long ago endearments. I was graciously ushered into the contents of her hope chest and missives to her sweetheart as they prepared for their marriage. In one such correspondence she briefs her husband-to-be on what not to forget to pack in his suitcase...a conversation that was most certainly repeated many times in the ensuing decades.

As I recline and reminisce I am careful not to miss the lesson within the folds of these precious memories. It is our prime opportunity to upcycle an almost forgotten notion and make someone else's day better with a lot of sweet, a little sass, and maybe something about the weather!


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