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Soul Happy

Take time to make your soul happy! Let your style exude your personality!

Decorating ourselves in particular pieces helps to craft our identity!

ORANGE AND PURPLE: You can never have too much color and uniqueness! Add little pops of random color to your look and you'll make yourself smile each time you catch a glimpse of your reflection! Remember... Stress doesn't really go with your outfit!

  • Orange and Purple exemplify a warm and creative personality...with a passion for art! We suggest pairing together sweet grey and antique white tones with a splash of teal. Bedazzle this cute ensemble with Boho tassel necklace and earrings. and a zip pouch purse!

PINK AND WHITE: Here's a little idea for a ReTwist-T'd version of Tiffany and Co. Pink and white personify simplicity, optimism and kindness.

  • This wardrobe may include something light and shimmery, perhaps a peach cardigan over a nude cami. Then add some simple flair, a diamond hair pin, button ring, feather earrings, and a cute little floral carpet bag purse!

The most important thing anyone wears, is their confidence.

RED AND GREEN: The kitchen is always filled with fun and fabulous cookery! If this is your play space, be sure to bling your fridge with fun magnetic baubles!

  • Red and green express an active lifestyle and a good heart. Visualize the you you want to be...and then go and be that you! We are thinking your wardrobe should really accentuate your fun-loving, good cooking, spirit so go for daring combinations, like 'farmhouse meets fabulous'! Perhaps a simple denim shirt over a muted grey tank for starters, then add in bold red pants for pizazz! Accessorize with red earrings, perhaps a red braided headband, and of course a denim purse.

BLUE AND GREY: Let's take a short stroll around the corner and relax in an art Gallery or Museum. Feel the quiet and calm speaking to you?

  • Blue and grey offer feelings of balance, tranquility and kindness. Style is a way to say who you are without needing to speak. In this mindset we suggest a vin-tique denim skirt paired perfectly with a soft, silvery cardigan. Let the soft light reflect off your soft pearl necklace, delicate bracelet, and chocolate clutch.

Fashion is about something that comes from within you.

YELLOW AND BROWN: Looking forward to a nice evening, just bumbling around to a local wine bar or shop? No worries - Spring is just around the corner...let's put some sunshine in your life!

  • Yellow and brown offer happiness, reliability and peace. Fashion is about something that comes from within you. Start the day with adorable sunshine yellow leggings and, why not...a showy sheer black crop to set the stage! Accent with a gold or diamond necklace, decorative diamond ring, and a vin-tique beaded purse for good measure!

Now that you have your closet all set and your blings in place be sure to plan for your dressing room storage space! We suggest something unique that matches your personality, either new or upcycled--keep your options open! Perhaps a decoratively painted wooden box, a tea cup, sewing box, pedestal dishes, or a Vani-T Box made by ReTwist-T herself! Whichever style makes you smile, embrace it--And, if you need help creating your new YOU-niqueness, give us a shout!


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