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Team Tuesday: Out of the Storm

Coming up with useable solutions to challenging problems seems to be a trait that many farmers share. Take Bob, for instance. He’s a Wisconsin farmer who lost several trees in a windstorm a few years ago. It took him just a moment to survey, saw, haul, and turn all that timber into smooth wood bowls - And rename himself “Out of the Storm Woodworks”!

Bob has explored a number of different wood varieties to create bowls, platters, and dip trays. His current selection includes Oak, Maple, Spalted Maple, Walnut, Locust, Cherry, and Pine! Many are finished with a food safe shine, often featuring colored inlays. He also has a set of woodturnings that retain their natural finish. These works are also food safe and are treated with a mineral oil and beeswax for additional protection. Our favorites are the live edge bowls and burl bowls, which often keep their gnarly bark-textured exterior!

You can find Bob’s bowls locally at ReTwist-T and yarn bowls at Flaxen Fleece!


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