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"The Twist" January News

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What's In Store?

Happy New Year, everyone!!! How are you doing with your Resolutions? Need some help? We're here for you! Did you know that the tradition of New Year's Resolution began in ancient Babylon? Apparently they planted crops, made promises to pay their debts and returned borrowed items in the hopes of ensuring a favorable year. The tradition continued in ancient Rome with sacrifices and promises of good behavior. If neither of those options interest you, perhaps you are more gallant than the rest of us! In that case you likely resonate with the knights of the Middle Ages. They would renew their vow to chivalry by placing their hands on a live or roasted peacock. The annual “Peacock Vow” would take place at the end of the year, as a resolution to maintain their knighthood values! We're thinking either peacocks were more abundant at that time, or there was an annual raid of the local zoo...Just saying. During the month of January we are inspired by resolving to be positive and creative, as well as comfy, cozy and warm!

"We're all like snowflakes--Unique and one of a kind!" ~Anonymous

On the Calendar:

**Please note the weekly Facebook LIVE videos have moved up to 6:30pm

  • Thursday, January 6 & 20: Facebook LIVE Shop

  • Thursday, January 13: ReTwist-It Craft Night with Angelica. We'll be offering the kit-making session LIVE on Facebook AND teaching our special guests from the local Homeschool Co-op! The kit this month will help you create a beautiful Cubist Inspired work of art - Get yours today!

  • Thursday, January 27: Re-Harmonized Wellness Health Coaching with Teresa


New to the ReTwist-T Team

Christina is an old soul who grew up antiquing and believes vintage is here to stay. She lovingly curates a collection of antiques and décor pieces for you to discover and give them a new home! From vintage inspired apparel with a Midwest twist to retro décor, you’re bound to find a piece that sprinkles a bit of vintage into your modern day life! Christina joins us from Waunakee.


All Around Town

So Much To Do, So Little Time!

ReTwist-It Craft Night -- Thursday, January 13 at 6:30pm via Facebook LIVE

Join recent graduate, Angelica Yvonne, for our monthly craft night LIVE on Facebook! This month we will endeavor to create a Cubist Inspired Winter Landscape Scene. Be sure to pick up your craft kits available in store or online!

Bald Eagle Watching Days -- Saturday, January 15 and Sunday, January 16

A free, family-friendly event with Birds of Prey shows, seminars and family activities.

Winter Wonderland at the Glen -- Saturday, January 29

Enjoy a hike around Durwards Glen on candle lit walkways!


From the ReTwist-T Studios

Ragtime Rugglette by Tanya at the ReTwist-T Studios

Tanya, from ReTwist-T, received a request to create a small Ruglette that would coordinate with a unique moose lamp. The customer brought in her treasured piece of glittering décor...and Tanya pulled out her loom and went to work!

After several visits with the customer and her moose, the centerpiece was complete! Tanya was able to capture the desired golden flecks in the piece by weaving in fabric trim!

Thank you, Tanya, for bringing this special piece to life!

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