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"The Twist" May News

Abstract painting of a flower bouquet of spring colors of pink, peach and red on a washed green background
Spring Flower Bouquet

Detail of Original Painting by Angelica Yvonne


Inspiration Station

We are loving this shift towards warmer weather! During the month of May we are inspired guessed it...getting outside! Thoughts of gardening, flowers, and fresh veggies have taken over the winter doldrums. Hooray! We are also thinking about finding ways to include 'Random Acts of ReTwist-ing' in our day. So...before you toss something aside, try to squeeze a new use out of it. Egg cartons make good seed starters, tissue paper makes adorable flowers...And the list goes on! What are your favorite ReTwist/ReUse/ReLove hacks? Be sure to share them on Social Media!

Happy Mother's Day - Sunday, May 14


New to the ReTwist-T Team

Please welcome "Metal Forge"! Garrett is a fourteen year old and the fifth child of six! He lives on, and loves, his family farm near Rock Springs, Wisconsin where his dad works as a farrier. With so many extra horseshoes available, it wasn't long before Garrett, and his older brother Loren, went to work exploring the potential of creating different kinds of welding crafts. After Loren got married and moved away Garrett still wanted to work with horseshoes to remember his time with his brother. That was when he discovered his dads old forge and started to forge horseshoes. A new passion was born! Garrett discovered he really liked working with the forge and the feeling of the heat as he watched the welder lay down the bead. "Turning some used horseshoes into a bucking bull or a cowboy throwing a lasso is something that I really enjoy doing", says Garrett. He is hopeful that the works from Metal Forge and will make you happy, too!

Celebrating 1 YEAR on the ReTwist-T Team!!!

"No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else." ~P.T. Barnum

LIVE SHOP Schedule of Events:

**Please note the weekly Facebook LIVE videos have moved up to 6:30pm

  • Thursday, May 4: Re-Harmonized Wellness Grab your crayons and pencils, or apron and mason jars, and get ready for some healthy inspiration...with a twist!

  • Thursday, May 11: Re-Twisted Retail Therapy Wander the Store with us while we laugh, chat and discover fun finds!

  • Thursday, May 18: Re-Styled Boutique Discover the beauty of the handmade and curated jewelry, apparel & sweet scents found at ReTwist-T!

  • Thursday, May 25: Re-Designed Spaces Lets make your space look great! We'll explore our furniture selection, complete with decor pairings and simple creative flourishes!


Community Calendar

Sauk City "Run for the Roses" Wine Walk -- Friday, May 5

Visit participating businesses while enjoying a variety of wines, treats and games!

Sauk Prairie Garage Sale Days -- Thursday, May 12 - Saturday, May 14

Gather your buddies and set up your sale...OR travel around town seeking out amazing finds!

Meyer Oak Grove Market-- Opening in May!

Shop local artists, craftspeople, food vendors, and farmers at the Meyer Oak Grove Park.


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