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Twist-T Travels: Into the Woods

It may be a little known fact that my sister and I used to go camping quite frequently when our kids were young. Once in awhile we would brave a journey with all of us together - was that ever a circus! Her, and her son, me and my son and daughter all bouncing around in a pop-up camper with too much sugar in our veins. We often made up songs, stories and rhymes that would have us roaring with laughter late into the night.....until the park warden knocked on our door (and we had to continue the conversation in muffled voices). So much fun!

Most often, though, we went camping separately. I was known to run out the door, throw the tent in the trunk, strap the bikes on the back of the car and have only enough gas to get to the site. No firewood. No way to get home. My kids were so obliviously happy they were willing to munch on cold hot dogs and kick a beach ball around the tent. Those were the days!

My sister, on the other hand, has always traveled with a full scale camping operation! She has the bikes, a motorized cooler full of snacks (that you can seriously RIDE to the Snack Shack for ice refills!), and a full scale site spread complete with lights and tablecloth!

There are so many stories I could tell, but I'll save them for another day. The burning question now is what sort of camper are you? Are you missing matches, next door to Tanya's Scavenger Tent-- or hanging lanterns, next to Teresa's Suite Site? Stop in the store and let us know - See you soon!


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