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Two Minutes with Tea

Brew Time: About two minutes

Ingredients: A rosy orange herbal-fruit blend

Benefits: Soothing. Unique. Medicinal. Tangy and Sweet.

Light and airy are the days that pass in summer-- they are like the rosehips and oranges in my tea! This bold blend has me thinking...

Thinking-- Rosehips are aromatic. Their scent fills the surrounding air with smooth floral notes reminiscent of a garden stroll. You will not mistake their taste for any other petal! Flowers are like that, unique and beautiful, and people are like that too.

As for oranges, tangy and sweet. What better description can there be? Oranges appear in shades of red or a lighter hue. Their peels are medicinal and the fruit has lasting quality for our bodies. Each little piece of fruit packs a punch.

As the warm brew serves to settle me into the evening routine I am reminded of another time and place with a tangy, fruity flavor all its own.....

My beautiful sister and I have had more than a few opportunities to travel together. On one such occasion, several years ago, we found ourselves on a long flight way outside our comfort zone! We were so nervous about the trip we had taken fewer outfits and shoes to make room for extra supplies and non-perishable snacks. We would be gone for only two weeks, but were prepared!

The first few days went by uneventfully. We were assigned to help with several special projects. Most days our work involved cleaning, painting, and some amount of gravel sifting or cement block moving. In the evening, tired and sweaty, we would arrive back at our room. Our first priority was to wash away the dirt of the day. My sister made it her priority to ensure the supplies were accessible for this part of the routine. Once refreshed, I prepared our snacks and we would wander over to the patio garden, fragrant with tropical flowers, and chat about the day over a plate of crackers and tuna followed by a cup of hot tea. One dreary evening, only days before we would return home, we found ourselves in a disagreement. The topic is still debatable, but it had something to do with a belt? I think? Honestly, neither of us can remember to this day what the argument was about or what it intended to solve. In fact, it is still debatable whether we even had a belt in our luggage in the first place! Either way...

The spat resulted in her chin thrusting defiantly into the air as she swiped the stash of toiletry supplies and marched off to brush her teeth. I stood there in the half-lit room debating...If I hold the last two packs of tuna hostage would that be enough to persuade her to reconsider the outcome of the Great Belted Battle? Toothpaste or Tuna? I soon realized the futility of the situation. My willingness to reconcile was directly related to the level of suffering I would ultimately endure.

Why share this little memoir with you? Well, I suppose there are lessons in it. First, always look for the funny side of life!!! Second, keep your priorities straight (toiletries win over tuna!). Third, silly arguments should never be the defining feature of relationships. End with a mend, daily.

I'm sure you've guessed by now that my sister is one of those sweet, power-packed fruits in her uniquely tangy, sweet way! While I bring the more herbal, earthy and fragrant notes to the table. Indeed, our friendship is not always the sweetest cup of tea, but there is something about it that's worth enjoying. Little sips in the world of the perpetually brewing creative minds!


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