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T's Weekly Tease: Seasonal Scenes

This week at ReTwist-T...

Ms Teresa D. and her 'decor vin-tique' just finished redecorating the store with Farm to Table decor! In one window we've got the field with tools, produce and implements for the yield. On the other side we've got the barn with cows and chickens for the farm. In the center is our feast set at the table inviting young, old, and all that are able.

(...I'm all out of rhymes. Yes indeed. Ok then, let's proceed!)

The R&D Designs team are cooking up chairs - we've got pumpkin, sunflower seed and mum, but tis the moment for new holiday chairs yet to come! What, oh what, should our topic be? Perhaps snowmen or bells or a forest of trees?

Tanya, the Twist-T Traveler, has been roaming the roads--always interesting how different areas have different opportunities! This week she snuck off to Illinois and brought back special treats to create our Candy Land holiday theme!

This week at University our student artist is working on photography! Beautiful autumn colors and textures have been captured with her expert lens. Want to see more? Check out her Instagram called Ancient Doors!

Find Theresa Breunig and her handwoven baskets coming up at the Warner Park HolidayFest!

Lindsey's Bailiwick candles are in stock in the store. Our favorite flavors include Cozy Cabin, Autumn Foliage, and the seasonal fave - Witches' Brew!

Stay tuned for our upcoming November events including our official Grand Opening and Small Business Saturday sales!!!

More fun coming next week so stay tuned. Hope you can stop by and "Pull Up A Chair"....See you soon!

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