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Artist Spotlight: Cathryn's Corner Art

Capturing the whimsical nostalgia of youthfulness and childhood.

About the Artist:

Cathryn is inspired by the simplicity of youth. Her aspirations to illustrate children's literature have led to her publishing a children's book and coloring book!

If you enjoy dollhouse miniatures, fairy gardens, and vintage treasures you will love Cathryn's artistry!

About the Art:

Available as...

  • Coloring Book and Children's Book

  • Art Prints

  • Curated vintage treasures and jewelry

Interior Styling:

A playful compliment to Eclectic decorating styles!

How & Where:

Cathryn's Corner Art is available for viewing and purchase at ReTwist-T - Or check out her Instagram!

Are you enjoying your special piece of Cathryn's Corner Art or Curated Vintage? Please share!


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