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Designer Spotlight: Before & After

Repurposed. Sculpture. Functional Art.

About the Designer:

Cindy and her husband are retired and enjoying becoming first-time grandparents of two adorable granddaughters!

Their shared love for antique stores, flea markets, thrift stores (and of course the occasional tavern!) means you will often find them traveling the highways and byways discovering different towns and cities along the way. These "Thrifty Road Trips" always end with that one amazing treasure that can be re-imagined into a work of art!

About the Designs:

Available as...

  • Lawn and Garden Decor

  • Bird Feeders

  • Interior Decor and Gifts

  • Photo Displays

Decorative Styling:

A graceful compliment to Farmhouse and Repo-Chic fashion styles!

How & Where:

Before & After:The Thrifty Road Trip is available for viewing and purchase at ReTwist-T!

Looking for something special? Contact us to schedule a Consultation.

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