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Designer Spotlight: Dover Design

Natural. Graceful. Purposeful.

About the Designer:

Suzi, owner and designer of Dover Design, has worn many hats during her life…daughter and wife of a dairy farmer, medical assistant, office manager, and now jewelry designer! Her interest in crafts started when she was young, being mentored by her creative family and friends.

Suzi started small, making jewelry for herself, until she got brave enough to give some as gifts. She discovered that creating unique, stylish and comfortable designs with leather and cork was both fun and challenging. Eventually the recipients of those early gifts started to request more and more designs...and that’s when she realized that making bracelets had become her favorite passion!

About the Designs:

Available as...

  • Bracelets in a variety of sizes, textures and colors

  • Natural materials

  • Custom Orders may be available. Contact us!

Fashion Styling:

A graceful compliment to Boho and Chic fashion styles!

How & Where:

Dover Design is available for viewing and purchase at ReTwist-T - Or check out her Facebook page!

Looking for something special? Contact us to schedule a Consultation.

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