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Built for A Queen

You just never know what you're being prepared for! For almost seven years now my sister and I have been traveling around to craft shows setting up our booth to sell our wares. We've had countless opportunities to try new floor plans and new display materials. One of our earlier purchases went towards some black wire grid display walls, complete with shelves! When we moved out of our tent and into our store a year ago we lovingly, yet gratefully, retired those hardworking black racks into the dusty forgotten-ness of the storage unit.

And then it happened. My daughter, the student artist of the ReTwist-T Team, had to return to college. We could only hope the move would last more than a week! This year she was determined to do something extra spicy for her space which, according to her description, absolutely must include a brick wall. You heard right, A BRICK WALL! What the heck? Do we look like we play with mortar? Don't answer that. Anyway, this was a true challenge for the team but over the course of a month or so a truly creative masterpiece was blueprinted, pieced together and built to spec!

Ultimately we landed on foam core, brick contact paper, and those ever trustworthy black racks, plus a few extra bits to bring on the spicy. On the day of the move it took us professional booth builders a matter of minutes to rig up an amazing standalone, block-and-stack closet fortress fit for a queen! See what I mean? You just never know what you're being prepared for. Don't underestimate yourself - you're infinitely more creative than you could ever imagine!

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