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Hunt For Happiness

Can you believe it's the beginning of a new week already? Phew! Sometimes my "stop and smell the coffee" amounts to stopping long enough to pour my coffee into my Mason jar and running out the door only to drink it not-so-warm about an hour later...when it smells something like cold glass, cinnamon, and the tears of my sleepy soul! Not nearly as appetizing. It's really upsetting when I haven't actually left the house for that hour, either. I'm just running around thinking I need to clean the refrigerator or something. What's that about? Seriously! Doesn't the fridge know my coffee time has priority? Apparently we need to schedule a one-on-one to go over the importance of my morning routine. Hey...Are you listening? Is anyone out there? Can anyone hear me?

Ok *sigh* before I get too distracted {takes long thrilling sip of hot coffee}, I really wanted to welcome you all to "Hunt for Happiness" week! That's right - we are on a mission to find sweet little moments in unexpected, lightly noticed places. (Like how the cold cinnamon coffee is delish perfecto when a few cubes of ice, and maybe a little creaminess, are added for a transformation into Iced Coffee A' La Twist!) When you find one of those little glimmers of happiness we would love to hear about it. Feel free to share, chat, pic, tweet, post, cluck, smoke signal, wave a magic get the idea. We would love to hear about all those sweet life moments! Now that you've got your assignment, I'm thinking this blog would not be complete without sharing one of our favorite moments of glimmer (mostly for amusement purposes, but also for...yeah....).

Once Upon A Time when craft shows were a common weekend find, the T-Sisters traveled to a distant event ready for a weekend adventure in their crafty tent. The Suburban was packed with suitcases and twine, and cute lamps created from empty bottles of wine. Upon arrival they discovered a handy tidbit to know, this would be a bustling indoor venue type of show. They went straight to their work, though they hadn't brought carts, they hauled ladders and shelving and boxes and parts. They shuffled and bustled, and hung and displayed, for nearly six hours they went on in this way. When at last the drooped damsels returned to their car, their tummy's reminded them the hotel was quite far. It took only a moment till T-Sis One said to Sis Two, "I think in my satchel I have a bag o' Fruit Loops." With vigor most magical, their energy renewed, they dumped forth the satchel in search of sweet food. The red, oh how cherry. The yellow, sweet lemon. This happy little moment would not be forgotten.

Until next time we meet - - Stay Sweet!

~ "Sis Two"


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