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Making of a Mercantile

Did you know ReTwist-T celebrates a birthday this week? That's right! Both our Owner and Founder, Teresa, and her adorable little Mercantile find this week to be extra special! Since Teresa is going to share a bit about her story later in the week, perhaps this is a good opportunity to share a few highlights about the little shop on Water Street that we all know and love!

What Does "ReTwist-T" Mean?

Glad you asked!

  • "Re" represents the environmentally conscious aspect of recycling, upcycling, and repurposing. We are taking small steps to help in the big goal of helping our planet, and our community, be its best self!

  • "Twist" is our effort to take odds and ends and give them a refresh or new life as something else! This is a team effort, undoubtedly!

  • "T" represents the names of the originating sisters, Teresa and Tanya. We started out just us two, which quickly bloomed (like the very next day!) into involving our parents, spouse, and children, and now involves more than 30 other creative individuals! What an honor to be part of this exciting journey!

So, Is This A Family Business?

Yes indeed! This is a family business at its core...but our "fr-amily" always has room for more! Teresa, also known as "Ms ReTwist-T", is a maker and dreamer of little upcycle bling as well as the mover and shaker that brings the Shop space together in all its glory! Our mom is a fine artist and has been painting since she was very young. You can view her artistic inspirations in our Galloway Gallery space! Our dad is a welder fabricator turned Repurposed Furniture Maker! See a headboard bench, chair, fine art frame, or dresser? That's his handiwork! Tanya, playfully dubbed the "Tech Genius" handles the digital variation of the Shop and weaves rugs, trivets, and placemats from fabric scraps. Angelica, one of our student artists, is completing her degree in Studio Art & Design and hopes to offer creative classes to the ReTwist-T masses very soon! In addition to this core family team we are also excited to include extended family in Michigan, Canada, and South Dakota!

Where Is ReTwist-T Located?

Our cute little brick-and-mortar shop is located at 725 Water Street in Sauk City, Wisconsin. We have been in business there since Autumn of 2019. Prior to that we traveled to several local art and craft fairs, and plan to continue enjoying that journey someday soon! As the pandemic passes you should be able to find us in our art booth in Mt Horeb, at the Holy Hill Art Farm, and re:Craft and Relic in Milwaukee! The breathtaking handmade items crafted by our talented team of vendors are available in our Online Shop all the time, but keep an eye on their Facebook pages as many of them travel to art and craft fairs too! If you find something you just can't live without, we offer curbside pickup, local delivery, and shipping. If you prefer a more interactive, but safely distanced, shopping experience be sure to check out our Thursday evening Live Shop on Facebook at 7pm, and our Saturday "Morning Report" around 8:45am weekly! The Live videos are available to view at our Blog following the broadcast.

I Want To Know More! How Do I Contact You?

Hooray! We are so happy that we made your day! You can email us any time at If you are on Facebook or Instagram, send us a message to say Hello! Our shop is open Wednesday thru Saturday beginning at 9:00am. Our online shop is open 24-7!

We hope you can stop by someday soon for a chat and some ReTwist-T'd Inspiration!

~ T


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