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Operation Screen-door

Monday is my new "Sunday" - a day for relaxation, rejuvenation, reflection on the past week, and (hopefully) a tiny touch of creativity! The last couple weeks have been a bit wild and unique starting with our 1 year brick-and-mortar anniversary on Labor Day weekend. Wahoo! Can you believe it's been a year already?!?! That same weekend we endeavored to refresh our space, start a new look, so we painted and decorated for days! I mean, it's totally worth it - the store looks AMAZING! The outdoor projects are a little less intense, but are sure to set the stage for greatness. Operation Screen-door, as we fondly call it, is almost complete. We will have screen doors on all the entrances so everyone can enjoy the fresh breeze! Also, screen doors just hold that certain vibe that shouts 'Country Charm', am I right? Then we added a beautiful park bench for post-shopping relaxation, and an adorable repurposed garden gate bench.....simply for the sake of cuteness! Sounds like we're all set to welcome in the autumn grandeur! Now the team is in full swing creating and curating fresh decor - I've seen hints of apple, pumpkin, harvest - have to stop by early and often to see what's new! In the studio sparkly cork pumpkins are in the works as well as some theatre-inspired bookmarks. The curators have been in search of tablecloths, farmhouse decor, quirky lamps, and more. The ReTwist-T Team was even lucky enough to visit an estate sale or two, and found some pieces for the R&D Designs team to repurpose and use. Creativity is certainly an ever-flowing thing around here!

The next couple weeks will still be busy, of course. When you have a good momentum why not keep things rolling, right?!

  • September 26 is the NEW Sauk-Prairie Art Crawl which is part of Fermentation Fest. Check out our Events for more details!

  • October 2 & 3 is the Vintage Shop Hop - a unique shopping tour that stretches from Northern Illinois to Central Wisconsin! Check out our Events for more details!

  • October 3 is the Mount Horeb Fall Village Market featuring our very own artisan and basket weaver, Theresa! Click HERE for more details and to purchase tickets.

Hope you can stop by, 'Pull Up A Chair" and chat, someday soon!


The ReTwist-T Team


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