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Youth Spotlight: AOE Crafts

Happiness is a Handmade Friend.

A dill pickle plushie stress ball
Sweet Dilly Pickle Plushie by AOE Crafts

About the Artist:

Amelia is a skilled young entrepreneur pursuing her vision to positively impact her community through leadership and creativity.

She began her crochet journey as a form of relaxation, creating Stress Ball Plushies for her friends and classmates. Due to the high demand for her product Amelia began her business, AOE Crafts, and expanded her selection of Plushies into seasonal and every day characters that are happy to go everywhere you go!

About the Art:

Available as...

  • Stress Plushie pickles, bumblebees, pumpkins, and more!

  • Made-to-Order available

Interior Styling:

A playful compliment to eclectic and shabby chic decorating styles!

How & Where:

AOE Crafts is available for purchase at ReTwist-T!

Are you enjoying your new plushie friend made by Amelia of AOE Crafts? Please share!


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