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Youth Spotlight: Bracelets by Audrey

Accenting the Beauty that is YOU.

A dill pickle plushie stress ball
Turquoise Turtles by Bracelets by Audrey

About the Artist:

Audrey, owner of Bracelets by Audrey, is a young entrepreneur who is truly excited to discover where her creative journey takes her!

Audrey is currently honing her craft making beaded bracelets of varying sizes, colors, and bead shapes. She also specializes in braided friendship bracelets and Holiday ornament gifts for kids!

Audrey believes each person is naturally beautiful and unique, just like her bracelets.

About the Art:

Available as...

  • Beaded Bracelets

  • Braided Friendship Bracelets

Fashion Styling:

A graceful compliment to Parisian, Boho-Chic and Preppy fashion styles!

How & Where:

Bracelets by Audrey are available for purchase at ReTwist-T!

Are you enjoying your new piece of jewelry made by Audrey? Please share!

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