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Youth Spotlight: Tiny Treats

A Hint of Homemade in Every Handful.

Handmade chocolate cookie made by young entrepreneur, Tiny Treats.
Handmade Cookie by Tiny Treats

About the Artist:

Fourteen-year-old Gracia is all about friends, family and finely-fashioned donuts and chocolate chip cookies! A crafty young entrepreneur, she started making her happy, hand-stitched Tiny Treats as Christmas gifts, but soon discovered her bakery-inspired goods were simply irresistible. Gracia hopes her products will become that perfect little gift to make every day sweeter.

Handmade Happy Donuts by Tiny Treats

About the Art:

Available as...

  • Decor

  • Cutie Gifts

  • Ornaments

Interior Styling:

A sweet compliment to Contemporary and Modern decorating styles!

How & Where:

Gracia's Tiny Treats are available for purchase at ReTwist-T!

Are you enjoying your special donut or cookie handcrafted by Gracia? Please share!


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